About us

It’s wonderful when work is your passion. In our case, passion became our work… For a long time, we had the idea of going on a journey with a camper, but we didn’t know anyone who had done it and could say a few words about it… When we first got into a rented camper, everything was new and magical, but at the same time, we knew right away that this is it. Our whole family fell in love with both short and long trips, so soon our first ‘home on wheels,’ as our children call it, appeared in our family…

Since then, camping has taken on a different dimension – less planning, more spontaneity, more trips, even if it’s just for a weekend or even just for a brief moment… Over the course of the year, we visited more places nearby than in the previous decade. Our friends listened to our stories with enthusiasm. More and more people asked and searched for opportunities for joint outings… Because the freedom and joy that campers provide are contagious… And so the idea of spreading our passion was born – we decided to open a rental… If you’re here, it means you want to know more. You’re in the right place!

Our campers

When it comes to camping, the journey takes precedence over the destination itself. To ensure this remains true, we provide new, reliable, and fully equipped vehicles for travel and relaxation. Each vehicle is unique to cater to the varying needs of our customers, whether they are couples, small groups of friends, or families with children.

What will you find in each vehicle?

An outdoor table and chairs in a quantity suitable for the capabilities of the respective camper. A kitchen setup that is sufficient for preparing basic meals: dishes, cutlery, cups, wine glasses, pots, pans, a kettle, and a coffee maker, along with a corkscrew and bottle opener. Folding buckets and a dish drainer. Bedding and a blanket for the beds. Sponges, dish towels, and dish soap. Toilet paper and toilet chemicals.