Our campers

When preparing for the trip, consider what you will do, where you will be traveling, and what happens if plans change, for example, due to unexpected weather changes. Here are our tips:

First of all, relax! The vacation should be a pleasure, and camping should serve inner peace. If you plan to drive several hundred kilometers but get stuck in traffic, don’t worry. After all, nothing bad is happening. Along the way, you will surely find a fantastic place to park, rest, and relax. Your destination won’t disappear if you arrive a day later. The sooner you think this way, the less stress awaits you.

Remember that camping is not just a journey from A to B but also the journey itself and the experience. Sometimes, plan changes or unexpected situations can lead to discovering new, unforgettable places. Openness to change and flexibility are the keys to a successful camping adventure.

Also, don’t forget to prepare for different weather conditions. Always have suitable clothing and equipment with you to cope with changing weather. And don’t forget to enjoy the moment because camping is a way to discover new places, relax, and experience the freedom of travel.